somewhere under the rainbow...

This is a place where there isn't any trouble... just love, and words, maybe some dancing, definitely some nonsense, and ok, there might be just a little trouble, but it will be the best kind, the type of trouble we will tell stories about. 

This is a home for my writing. This is the home page of my home for my writing, so maybe it is like a dollhouse, a home within a home that shows you what I’d like home to be… or maybe it is just a standard web page template, same as all the other sites on the estate, only I chose which shade of white to paint the walls, I bought and hung the art, the family photos and mementos, and made it feel like home.

This is a poem about home, and this place seems like the perfect home for a poem about home.

I didn’t know what home meant,
until you held me, and I knew,
and it would be romantic
to say I found my home in you.

But home is a feeling
that I made inside of me.
You were the one who switched on the lights,
so I could finally see.

I’ll leave the lights on - make yourself at home…