I love to dance. It makes me feel so damn good, so I have always found ways to keep moving. From a shy shimmy on the disco dance floor, to throwing myself around the living room to dramatic classical music, then thrashing about violently in sweaty mosh pits, aerobic dance workouts I could never follow or keep up with, a lot of slow sensual dances with myself in the darkness of my bedroom, and of course, dancing out in the wild, alongside other women.

Movement is one of the best ways we can express ourselves, honour and transform our feelings, remember and celebrate all that we are. 

I am on my way to becoming a Qoya teacher, and I am currently offering free classes as part of my training, please email me if you feel called to dance with me. Qoya is a movement practice that combines the serene wisdom of yoga, the wild creative expression of dance and the joyful freedom of sensual feminine movement - with none of the expectations, there is no way you can do it wrong, and you know you are doing it right when it feels good (and I mean really gooood). You can find out more about Qoya at www.qoya.love and find details of UK classes on our Facebook page Qoya Collective UK.