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Other sources of inspiration can include, but will not be limited to: raw emotions, real life conversations, repressed memories, daydreams, nightmares, and stuff she saw on the internet which may or may not have been misunderstood or taken wildly out of context. 

All words appearing here have been arranged for the primary purpose of pleasure and play (the author's, not yours) and are not intended to be used as advice, guidance or wisdom. (The author already takes herself way too seriously, please do not indulge her.) Other purposes include: your entertainment, and to act as a beautiful archive of the author's mind that can be mined for the quirky and sentimental content of her eulogy.   

All narratives are based on a true story, which may or may not have happened yet, and are told in accordance with the terms of the author's poetic license. Any resemblance to any reality is completely coincidental. Any persons, real or imagined, will be wildly romanticised and shall remain anonymous. 

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