why tho?

Contrary to popular thought,

we don’t fall in love to be caught.

A heart falls to break free,

to know how it feels to fly,

to see our lives flash before our eyes,

to learn how it feels to die,

and understand what it really means

to be alive.


We fall to break open,

to know what it is to feel broken

and still love anyway...

as we sit on our bruised egos and cry,

watching the end of the world,

accepting we may never understand why,

but we can laugh, and drink, and tell stories

about how we survived.


It doesn’t matter if you land in their arms

or alone on the bedroom floor,

it won't be what you expected,

or even what you thought you wanted,

but it will open something more.

The only thing I think I know,

and will say for sure,

until you fall in love,

you won’t know it is for