In this deep dark space,
you are the sun.

You light me up.
You get me hot.
Some days you love me.
Some nights you love me not.
But you always warm my heart
and you can still turn my head,
you make my mind spin,
with things I leave unsaid.
You move all of me,
you get my soul up to dance,
and I know you think that there is a chance
I could run rings around you…
and I can,
and I do.
Then you’ll start to worry
my whole world revolves around you,
and it does,
that is sometimes true.
But I move in many circles,
and this is not orbit,
this is a revolution,
and a movement of love doesn’t need a solution.
There is nothing to figure out,
I dance through all doubt,
because your strength and the space that you hold
gives me the freedom I need to unfold,
and the gravity of your push and pull
makes my chest rise and fall
with love
and desire,
as I coil myself around your endless fire.
Your light keeps me moving on my own path,
so I don’t need to choreograph,
I can just flow…
I will always come,
I will always go.
You cannot hold me still,
you cannot make me stay,
but you can watch me as I twist
and slowly turn away,
waiting for me to glance over my shoulder
and turn back to you,
trusting we will come full circle,
each cycle creates something new.
all you need to do is shine,
and I will keep dancing for you.