He is a man,
but he is also a metaphor.
He is the dessert that convinces me
there is always room for more.
He is the spark that starts the engines
in my body… and my mind.
He is the path I keep following,
the one I just allow to unwind.
He is the pebble I picked up
to throw into the sea,
but I like how he feels in my hand,
so I’ll let him stay with me.

Though sometimes if I squint my eyes
in confusion and concern,
he looks like a lesson that I still need to learn…
but that is a simile,
and he is definitely a metaphor.
He is the future rushing ahead
but he still waits to hold open the door.
He is a wish I made on a star,
and sometimes I tell him
”I don’t know what you are”
but I know,
he is a man,
one I adore,
and he is more than a metaphor.

He is also a synonym…

for love.