I dreamed a dream of you,
but I couldn’t make it true,
so I got myself a hammer and chisel,
and I learnt to carve.

I picked the finest wood.
It called to me and I understood.
It was meant to be a work of art,
something beautiful to soothe my heart.
This creation is my destiny,
I bring only what was meant to be,
shaping a new reality,
with wood chip flying in the air,
I worked away with love and care,
knowing I would find you there.
Oblivious to splinters
and unaware of time,
just caught up in creative flow
and a desire to make you mine.

First I sculpted your ears,
because I wanted you to hear,
and I couldn’t wait to talk to you,
tell you all that we could do,
share every thought
and each confession.
Though I could only give you on expression…
so I chose the curves of your softest smile,
I used to grain to create
the gentle creases around your eyes,
I rest my hand on your cool cheek,
your warm face frozen in my mind.
I long to make you move,
to bring you to life,
but I have not yet found that magic,
beyond my carving knife.

So instead, I made you into a marionette.
But not to control you.
Never forget,
I will carve my name onto your heart in the shape of your freewill,
if you wanted to leave I’d let us part,
and I would love you still…
No strings attached.
Really, no catch.
Just joints.
So while you are still here,
I can wrap your hard arms around me,
rest a while in pseudo-joy,
laying in the sawdust of our lost dreams,
wishing you were a real boy.